Up top at Mt Eccles

Mt Eccles is an extinct volcano in s.w. Victoria, Aust.  To the aboriginal people it is Budj Bim, a sacred land formation that embodies the energy of the Dreamtime creator being, Bunjil.   I always find it a magical place to visit. Today I explored a land formation known as The Natural Bridge. From up top it appears quite peculiar.


As I begin to climb down towards those mysterious stairs I feel I am entering an enchanted land.


Walking further into the lava tube canal it becomes even more mysterious. 037042

When I arrive at the steps a large family group emerge from the depths of the earth.  I reason that they must have climbed through the cave from further along the canal.  When they leave I begin my descent into the darkness.


Half way down I can see through to the other side. 056

Down in the cave the through way looks difficult but I figure if a family can do it, I can.

About half way through I realise I’ve seriously miscalculated but I am committed now so I clamber on hoping for the best. 


Emerging, I realise, no – I definitely wasn’t meant to go that way.  067

The only way up is to climb a sheer wall!  071

It’s a scramble and my lungs are fully aerated when I get to the top.  Smile

Looking back into the cave from on top my camera plays tricks.  There is probably a scientific explanation for the band of magical light but then again… it did feel like the physical journey had a deeper significance – a descent into the darkness then a climb back into the light.  Just the thing to do being at Easter.


My response to the WordPress Weekly Challenge http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/on-top/

Turning invisible

Haibun thinking prompt: “Some people can’t believe in themselves until someone else believes in them first.”
- Good Will Hunting

- a tongue in cheek haibun

Yesterday at the busy Easter market I suddenly turned invisible.

It happened this way. I bought some organic vegies and chatted with the men who grow them then had a long conversation with the old fossicker who sells gemstones he has found. I bought a little crystal he said was magic. Maybe it is for from that time on I became invisible.

I left the market and walked over to a car boot sale where the ladies of the town were selling old tat they’d dragged out of their million dollar homes. I looked right into the eyes of a woman I’ve been introduced to and had conversations with on several occasions. She stared right through me but she often does that so I wasn’t too perturbed. It was only when I moved on to the next stall that I realised I had turned invisible. The stall holder was a women I’ve spoken to on a weekly basis at work. She apparently couldn’t see me either for she looked straight through me. Another woman I know came up and started talking to her. She too totally failed to see me.

I was beginning to feel angry when I discovered there are advantages to becoming invisible. One of the women concerned is a pretty older woman well past retirement age. She dresses beautifully (as do all these women for they are mega rich) and has a silvery girlish laugh. While I remained invisible, she informed the other women that she likes it rough and had just met the perfect fellow.

Amazing the things you hear when you’ve turned invisible. Still I’ll be so glad to leave this town a few short weeks from now.

Magic crystal light –
I walk outside the mainstream,
Hearing hidden truths

Cutting to the chase



I am in the process of editing various pieces of writing that are buried deep in the tangled mass of this blog.   The edited and revised writing is then being posted on a new blog called Cutting to the Chase.   The URL is http://suzannemillerwritings.wordpress.com/

The plan is that once I move the edited pieces over to the new blog they will be deleted from here.   This blog will still be my main blog and it will still be the place where I experiment and develop ideas.

If you have a moment, please take a look at the new blog. It’s still very much a work in progress so edited pieces are being added  frequently.   I’d love some feedback on the content and the layout.   See you there.  Smile

Lunar Eclipse over the Southern Ocean

006 I got to beach just after sunset.  The moon rose about 5.50 pm  but low cloud on the horizon obscured visibility.  A chill wind blew.

I retreated to my car and about half an hour later the moon sailed free of the clouds – the moment of full eclipse had just passed. 014

The night grew darker as the moon slowly moved out the eclipse.   I braved the cold and stood bearing witness to the moment.   All around me others stood in silent communion with nature.020

Lights came on across the bay as the dusk faded to night.   Many people left but others came to take their place.  Little kids, unused to being at the beach at night, huddled inside hoodies as their parents took photo after photo.


By 7 pm the show was nearly over.  Somewhat frozen but elevated by the majesty of the sight I returned home.045

Early morning

Early morning – trying to get motivated – I stare, bleary eyed, through the condensation on the glass doors to the leaf litter that has accumulated on my doorstep.


Slowly my eyes begin to focus


                                                           – it’s autumn.

(Macro Photography – Nikon ‘Coolpix’ camera – for Sally’s Lens and Pens challenge – Topography of seasons )

Seeking a saviour

Ligo Haibun Challenge – word prompt  Saviour/Savior


People look for a saviour in all kinds of places. When I was at uni I wrote a paper on comic book super heroes being modern day representations of the saviour archetype – latter day JC’s in tights if you will. The lecturer loved it.

As a child I lived in a very Christian household. My father was a big supporter of the church and was always inviting ministers to afternoon teas I was required to attend. People would sit around discussing religion over tea and cake. My mum was keen on the idea of a second coming – being a kid all I could think was that Jesus must be really big if the whole world would be able to see him when he arrived on a golden cloud.

When I was a teenager I didn’t go to church much. The last time I went was when some friends dragged me along to meet a curate they were all crazy about. He was young and SO handsome. He was also the most radical Christian I had ever met. “Jesus lies within,” he told us. “You will find him in your heart”.

Being a thoughtful person I wondered how a saviour could be found within. It’s a concept I’ve been exploring ever since. Is finding the saviour within the same as finding your Buddha nature?

Where is the saviour?

What is the Buddha nature?

- silence answers

A little music helps

busker 2

When Jake’s email notification of his latest creative challenge With Musical Instrument popped up in my inbox I just had to have a play with some images.  After all my recent serious and wordy blog posts a little blogging R & R was needed.

The images I’ve manipulated are some photos I took of a  busker who serenaded me in the Spanish town of Cuenca.  I have no idea what he singing about (I don’t understand Spanish) but the moment was one of those special moments in life when age and language don’t matter – for just a minute or two anything is possible

                               busker 3

Taking the first step

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. Martin Luther King, Jr.


I chose this quote because it fits with where I am in my life right now.   

HERE’S THE BACKSTORY – one of my daughters is returning to Australia with her three children after a long absence. Her youngest child has autism. They are going to live with me while they establish their new lives.

To do that I have to move from this tiny rental house to another larger one.

I’VE FOUND THE HOUSE and move there in early May.

Yikes – moving!  I am trying not to stress. I am moving 25k from a village to a small city. Just how I’m going to move my stuff is the big unknown. I’ve followed a couple of leads to people that could possibly do it but, so far, no offers of help. I guess I’ll have to pay a Removalist huge amounts of money to move my two rooms of furniture. Expensive and kind of mad when Removalists vans are so big but there seems no other option.

I found a four bedroom house so once I move I have to furnish all the empty rooms in preparation for my daughter’s arrival in early July. Again, there are a couple of possibilities to get some cheap second hand furniture to start with but nothing’s definite yet. And it all costs money!

Then, when I’ve done that, I have to fly to Ireland to help my daughter get out of her house and fly back to Oz with the autistic boy and her girls. Sounds extreme but there’s no one else to help and she can’t do it alone.

I’m trying to stay calm but I keep having moments where I feel totally overwhelmed – finding that faith that Martin Luther King Jr  spoke of is essential here.

I’m a person who likes to delve beneath the surface and find the deeper reasons for my life experience. I read an astrological guide this week based on a particular aspect in my astrology chart – apparently I’m a person that needs to experience situations that require me to show bravery and independence.

That makes sense. In the past people have often said I’m brave. Let’s hope they do this time round -

- now to take that first step on the staircase – Maybe sorting out some cupboards might clear my head a bit.  Like the Chinese proverb says – the longest journey starts with a single step. 

This post is inspired by Ese’s quote and shoot challenge – Whole

Her story


Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday  Tell this girl’s story2014-04-08 09.52.48

Her story:   Image1 - Copy

Since she was a child she had been aware of the light – the way it came in sometimes and illuminated the world so that everything appeared to shimmer and shine – to vibrate.


When she was young she had assumed everyone saw it and that everyone lived in a world where the edges sometimes disappeared in auras of vibrant white light. Her family though thought she was nuts. Her brothers with their toy guns and bravado thought she was a loon. They called her that, the Loon. ‘Watcha looking at Loon,’ they’d jeer. ‘Seeing fairies again?’ Her father’s attention would be drawn then. ‘Just snap out it,’ he’d snarl, his fist ready to ensure she did. He didn’t like difference. His reaction was to hit it till it squealed.

So, what with fists and jeers, she learned to hide from others those moments when the light came in so sweet and pure she was swept away by the wonder of it.

When she grew up she learned that the world was bigger than the world her father defined with his anger and his fear. The world of materialism and power her brothers marched in was only part of the story. There were people who loved the light – there were those who sought it.

Intrigued by this she visited their churches but found she did not like the walls and the way they sought to control the light with rules and fixed opinions. She visited the houses of spiritualists, New Age healers,  gurus and shamans but rarely felt at home.  At best she sometimes found a place to rest but knew her residence there was only temporary. 

Always she marched to the beat of her own drum.  Embracing the light, seeking it wherever it appeared was what she did but no one seemed to think that was the right thing to do. Most people wanted some kind of structure, some kind of belief system they could study, some rituals they could perform.

So, what with all the rules and rituals she felt alienated by, she learned to walk her own path alone. She took the solitary path of the seeker.

Others had passed this way before and left guideposts in the form of obscure writings.

                                       gnomish-man[1] (2)

Sometimes she met a fellow seeker and they walked in tandem for a while – discussed the way and the path as they saw it. Mostly though she walked alone.

In recent years all that had changed. There was  movement now, an awakening, and a quickening. The light came in waves – tsunamis of light that transformed her consciousness. It wasn’t always pleasant – her body ached, her head vibrated, she saw strange flashes of light and her ears rang constantly yet the call to come into the light was insistent and difficult to ignore. Others felt it too. Thousands upon thousands. The solitaries, the seers and the seekers spoke out more openly now. The internet was their forum. Teachings came in channelled messages and were posted in blogs. Over time she learned to read only the messages that resonated with her. Although so many sought the light and felt its call they didn’t all walk to same path. Everyone walked their own.

Once she dreamt all those seeking the light were climbing a mountain. At the base many people gathered in groups. Further up the slope solitaries walked alone. She found herself in her midst. Once she stumbled and a man came to her aid. He offered his arm to lean on as she found her footing again then he smiled and went on his own way, alone.

On and on she climbed. As she climbed higher the light grew stronger. Beings of light and angels illuminated the way. The summit was obscured by an intense white golden light that radiated out from the peak in a vast network of geometric patterns. Home.

At last she knew what it was she had been seeking all these years. She had been searching for her way home.


Seeds of renewal

Sally’s Lens and Pens Challenge – spring’s renewal of the landscape

It’s autumn down here in southern Australia.  I couldn’t think how I could take a photo right now that represented the renewal of spring time.  Then I noticed seed pods opening to release their seeds.

In her introduction to the challenge Sally quotes the American landscape photographer and journalist Art Wolfe.
“When we confront a landscape, we are surrounded by a chaos of visual elements. The scene challenges us to extract a unique composition that encapsulates the character and emotional impact we sense at that moment. We need to get past the overt subject, the postcard view, to pick out the unobvious yet significant aspects.”
I had this advice in mind when I took the photos below.


Macro photos taken with a Nikon ‘point and shoot’ camera on April 11, 2014.